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Caroline Forbes
29 November 2010 @ 06:09 pm
1 § hello hello, baby, you called, i can't hear a thing
2 § got no direction. i need direction. just got my vamp.
3 § boys boys boys, buy us drinks in bars
4 § I have something that I love long but my friends keeping telling me that something's wrong
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Caroline Forbes
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CHARACTER NAME: Caroline Forbes
FANDOM: The Vampire Diaries
CANON: During 2x6 “Plan B.” After bonding with her mother and compelling her into forgetting her daughter is a vampire.


Her memories of Matt Donovan. She won’t remember that he’s the first guy that’s loved Caroline for who she is. Or, that he brought out who she really was and put up with her insecurities. Matt in a lot of ways made her grow up a lot. But, without his memory, she’ll be the girl who never gets the guy, who’s never experienced love, and who’s less mature then she could be. This could prove dangerous, especially without Stefan around.


On the surface, Caroline Forbes is an annoying, neurotic narcissist. She’s a self-proclaimed slut and if a guy she throws herself at isn’t interested, well screw him. She’s loud and bubbly. She doesn’t hesitate to complain.. She’s got all the makings of the stereotypical popular girl who you know really isn’t that popular.

Here’s a secret.

Caroline is extremely insecure. Her father left her mother for another man and her mother is absent. But, that’s what happens when your Mom is the town sheriff and is married to her work. A part of her wonders if her mother is just hiding from life. But, that part of her wouldn’t dare confront her about it. Instead of dealing with this, any time her mother reaches out, Caroline lashes out verbally.

Caroline avoids conflict if she can. She also avoids work. She’d rather fix a problem with a smile and some flirtation or she just won’t fix it at all.

Caroline masks anything she’s actually feeling with a smile. And God forbid anybody see her cry. She doesn’t think very highly of herself at all because if she was worth it, she would’ve gotten her guy by then.

Before Paradisa, Caroline Forbes loved Matt Donovan. He saw past her quips and insecurities straight into her heart. As I said before, he helped her grow up in leaps and bounds and this did wonders for her personality. She stopped worrying if she was enough for him and she just…lived.

Then Tyler Lockwood crashed the car she was in. She was in critical condition until Stefan Salvatore fed her his blood in the hospital. And then, Katherine, the vampire doppelganger of Elena Gilbert, turned her into a vampire.

Stefan tells Caroline that as a vampire a human’s behaviors are amplified after the transformation. This means, she’s even more neurotic, insecure, jealous, etc. then she was before. Funnily enough, being a vampire helps ground her. She’s helpful and not just because she can get something out of it. She’s badass and proud of it. And she doesn’t let the fact that she’s a vampire bring her down. Bonnie Bennet, her best friend and a witch, puts a spell on a ring letting her walk in the sunlight. She attempts to have a relationship with Matt. She’s determined to be the best her she can be. She’s the better version of herself. Caroline, surprisingly, loves being a vampire. And she loves that she can finally be useful. An episode after this canon point, Caroline helps take down Katherine. She did it. Herself and she is so damn proud.

Unfortunately, becoming a vampire leads her to make the two hardest decisions of her life. She lets Matt go. She fakes jealousy towards one of their friends and lashes out because she believes he would be better off without her. She cares if he is safe and if he is happy. She saves Stefan and Damon from her mother and in turn reveals to her that she is a vampire. This in itself isn’t a hard decision. It’s a no brainer. Elena’s boyfriend and the man responsible for her survival were in trouble and so, she saves them. If Caroline is anything, it’s fiercely loyal.

The second decision is the one that she has to live with for the rest of her life. After, against all odds, she bonds with her mother Caroline forces herself to compel her into forgetting everything, thus losing a real relationship with her. The Salvatore brothers would never be truly safe if her mother knew what they were.

Caroline doesn’t care about politics or education or any real life issues. She cares about her friends and surviving and just making it to the next day. She won’t hesitate to kill if she has to but that’s because it’s in her nature, now. Her diet consists of rabbits and small forest creatures and those she cares about.

At her core, Caroline just wants to be loved and appreciated. Deep, deep down, deeper than she would ever admit to herself, she's afraid of ending up alone.


The door makes the strange pseudo-squeak it’s always made and Caroline freezes. She’s already berating herself mentally for using the front door but it’s what she’s always done. There’s only one thing that’s different about her. Sometimes, for just a second, she feels like everything’s changed. And in a way, it has. Nothing will ever be the same. But in other ways…

“Caroline, are you just getting home?”

Her mother. Stupid door. She makes a mental note to rip it off its hinges.

“I’m surprised you aren’t.” It’s the natural instinct, she thinks. A fight with her mother is her go-to response. Maybe, in a different world they’d be friends. Maybe, in a different world she wouldn’t be a vampire pawn in a game nobody can win. Game on? Why does she have to be a part of the game? She has things to do! Boys to date! Speaking of… “And I was with Matt.”

“Matt called and asked when you were getting to the carnival.”

Matt. That’s right. He smells good. He probably tastes good. She shakes that thought out of her mind and concentrates on the task at hand.

“Well, God, Mom. Do you want an award? Finally, being a Mom? Finally stepping up?”

Caroline knows she’s being cruel. But keeping her mother on the receiving end of her sharp tongue is the best thing for her. No Lifetime movie endings for this mother-daughter duo. There will be no hugs, no apologies and there won’t be trumpets not that there were ever trumpets.

“You’re grounded. Go to your room.”

Caroline claps slowly as she makes her way up the stairs.

“I’ll give it a…6.0. But, I guess I’m the Russian judge.”

Before her mother can respond, Caroline bee-lines for her room and closes it behind her. She slides down to the floor and holds her head in her hands. She takes a few moments to – no, wait, she doesn’t have to breathe and that is weird. She makes another mental note to thank Elena. Thanks Elena, for saving my life. She wonders if it could be called her un-life now.

Pulling herself to her feet, she goes over to her desk and gets out a pencil. She starts a list of questions to ask Stefan. She underlines Stefan a few times and then draws a heart over the “I” in questions. Some things don’t have to change.

Her phone buzzes. Fishing it out of her pocket she reads the contents of the text.


Excitement bubbles in her stomach as she begins to send a lightning-quick response confirming plans for Tyler’s party near the watering hole. And then she remembers that there’s a sun and she’s a vampire. She pushes the ‘end’ button.



Okay, so the castle’s not that bad, I guess? But, you seriously need to stock up on small woodland creatures. I don’t want to kill anybody as much as you don’t want me to kill anybody. [ There’s a pause. ] Okay, that’s a lie. I don’t want to. But, you probably don’t want me to way more than I don’t want to.

[ She lets out a sigh. ]

A tip on getting out of here would be good, too. It’s getting old and I have friends back home who need me. Also, Stefan’s there and he really helped me…not that any of you know Stefan or anybody I…know. But, seriously, help would be awesome. And appreciated. And maybe rewarded. [ She quickly adds… ] Okay, it won’t be rewarded, I have nothing to give you. But, can’t you do it out of the goodness of your heart?...Hearts?

INTENT: Early in the series, I highly disliked Caroline. She was two-dimensional and a self-proclaimed slut. Over time she became a fully realized character. I sympathize with her neurosis and insecurity and I am a master at self sabotage. I’m curious with how Caroline will act away from everyone she knows and loves, especially with her newfound supernatural burden. She really needs to come into her own.
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